"Be that self which one truly is." - Kierkegaard

Let Go

Give me a reason to learn
Give me a reason to build
with bricks and mortar,
but so it won’t fall down

Give me a reason to burn
the garbage in my heart
Set aflame,
and watch it go out

If I had one thing, you should know
You’d be the one thing I’d let go

It’s hard to imagine a chance
if you’re not looking ahead,
but in the past
So, don’t look back

If I had one thing, you should know
You’d be the one thing I’d let go










Watch the gif for 30 seconds, then look at the picture! 


Fuck yeah!


that was unreal


swirly wirly make the wibbilty wobbilty

Sensory neurons tend to adapt to certain stimuli. For example, when you put your hand on any surface, you immediately feel that it against your skin. After a little bit, however, you don’t tend to feel it anymore. At first touch, your neurons respond immediately, but after prolonged exposure your neurons respond less and less (and sometimes stop responding altogether!). This is called neural adaptation.

The effect this gif causes is motion aftereffect (MAE), in which neurons have gotten used to the moving stimulus and neural response time has slowed. But then BOOM. A new stationary stimulus is presented—in this case, the fixed space pic—but because the neurons are still used to the gif, the gif’s movement sticks around for a short amount of time while the neurons adjust, causing the trippy effect.

Aaaaand thank you once again, science side of tumblr.


Out of nowhere,
like many dreams I’ve dreamt, a message,
but this time I triple-checked to ensure I was awake
Another call to transcend
Another indirect suggestion
Again, I follow blindly, suspecting the Spirit at play
I care so much as to read the letters between the words
I feel a sense of closeness surround me
like someone’s listening in, but with no mischief,
instead, just so I may be heard
Perhaps, it’s not her who loves me,
but God, simply, inviting me in to chat
Seated with him at the table
where food is plenty but thought, the staple
In front of me is only his mirror so
that I may see beyond myself,
that I may know a loving God,
that he may restore my soul to health
And as I gaze upon these years
I, seemingly, always lay to waste
I pray with open ears:
God, grant me a woman like her
Don’t even change a shade
But, I know, if only for the best,
if only for your sake
Until then,
I’m on this windowpane


Things of the World

I’ll say what you want if you want it that bad
I’ll summon the stars to help you get on track
I’ll pay with my blood, or whatever it takes
To supply the nails and my hands for your stake

I’ll pity myself, for who else would care?
I’ll sell my inheritance for a strand of your hair
I’ll shower the earth with your words and your rain
I’ll wallow in shadows eclipsed by your pain

Despite all the things I wanted the change
Yes, all the things that always remain
Because of my stride, an unwilling desire
To fall for your presence and yet take me higher

I’ll put on a show if you believe that I will
If you send me to love your daughter, I will
If you send me a sign to show that you’re real
I’ll assemble the nerves for muscles to kneel

I’ll jump on one leg, make a fool of myself
If you relay the pattern that’ll bring me my health
I’ll pay with my life, or whatever it takes
To supply the nails and my soul for your sake